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250 ml oats ⠀
250 ml walnuts ⠀
6 dates, pitted and soaked for 10-15 minutes ⠀
50 ml coconut sugar 2 tbsp melted coconut oil ⠀
1 tsp cinnamon ⠀
Zest of 1 orange ⠀
Pinch of salt ⠀

1. Make sure the bowl you're planning to use for whipping is clean and dry. ⠀
2. Add Aqua Faba (and lemon juice, if using). ⠀
3. In a separate bowl mix well the dry stabilizers: cream of tartar, gum, and salt. 4. Start the mixer on low speed and gradually add stabilizers. Make sure to do it slowly to avoid clumping. ⠀
5. When Aqua Faba becomes white and full of tiny bubbles - increase the speed.
6. Once aqua faba becomes a stable foam start adding sugar. Spoon by spoon, really slowly - add another only when the previous one is absorbed. It can take 10 minutes or so.
7. With a spoon of a piping bag set meringue on a baking or dehydrator tray. ⠀
8. Bake at 100°C with an open oven door for 2 hours or use a dehydrate at 42 degrees overnight.

Filling: ⠀
150 ml cashew butter ⠀
10 dates, pitted and soaked for 10-15 minutes ⠀
Juice of 1 lemon ⠀
Juice of 1 orange ⠀
Zest of 1 lemon ⠀
5 tbsp melted coconut oil ⠀

Decoration: ⠀
1-2 persimmons ⠀

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