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Top 3 problems you may face with Cashew Cream
Cashews make up pretty much all the creamy textures in plant-based cakes and desserts, such as cream ch**se, mousses, and frostings. However, when only discovering this cream one can face a few issues. This post looks at 3 top issues that you can face with cashew cream and how to fix them.

1. Grainy texture
This could be a sign of a few mistakes. Not enough soaking, not enough liquid in the cream, ingredients are too cold or you need a new blender soon. But before it gets to the latter, breathe. In most cases, you can solve this by running a blender a few seconds longer.
3. Cakes has wholes
Air bubbles got in the way - all you will need to do next time is to tap the cake gently before you move it into the fridge to set. Also, note that the cream should not be too thick to begin with, then you'll need a lot of tapping.
2. Cream doesn't set
«een there done that. The recipe is off - you will need to rethink the ratio. Either take out some liquid or add some more setting agent.
Cashew cream can be a pain, but once you get it right - it will become your best friend and primary tool in your creative process.

Hope you found this blog post useful and will give cashew cream another try.

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