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Carig cashews

The person who first decided to soak and blend cashews was a genius! I thank this person literally every day. For these nuts make up pretty much all the creamy textures in plant based cakes and desserts, such as cream ch**se, mousses and frostings.

When I first started making raw plant based cakes and desserts I looked through a number of recipes for healthy sweets to find inspiration for my own interpretation of theses delicious treats. In almost all these recipes I saw cashews; my initial thoughts were "well that is just not possible". So I would just ignore this information and replace cashews with coconut or oatmeal cream; which resulted in soup instead of cake.

So one day, out of desperation I decided to give these nuts a try. It was like a miracle! The cashews did what the recipes said they would. So just like that my attempts at creating a desserts turned into reality; I had made my first healthy vegan ch**secake!

Health Benefits:
Healthy Heart
The balance of unsaturated fatty acids in cashews can help reducing "bad" cholesterol and triglyceride levels, which are considered to be among the main reasons for cardiovascular diseases. Another great fact about healthy fats is that they help our bodies absorb fat-soluble nutrients like vitamin A, D, E and K.
Healthy eyes
There are plenty of antioxidants in cashews; utein and zeaxanthin are among them. They help us form a protective layer over our retinas, which protect us from sun damage.

On top of all that, cashews are generally a good replacement for animal proteins and fats, and a great way to round up your healthy diet. Research shows that the nutritious content in a cashew serving per a day would do loads of good to our bodies.

Strong bones
Cashews are a good source of copper. One portion (~30g) of these nuts contains 2/3 of recommended daily intake of copper. Copper is associated with bone density, as well as maintenance of collagen and elastin. Moreover, magnesium in cashews helps us absorb calcium and assimilate it into the bone.
Everyone who counts calories would probably prefer regular cream cheese instead of nuts. No kidding, its 550 vs 350 kcal. However, if we look closer, the difference in nutritional density between the two is incomparable.

While cashews are rich in energy, they are also beneficial to our health in a number of ways:

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