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I always loved baking. And at some point, I got fascinated by healthy eating and started wondering: can desserts be a part of a healthy diet? Turned out that they very well can be! And the best part is - there are no limits. Pretty much any dessert can be re-made into a whole food dessert that would be as delicious.

I opened S-Foodies because I believe that food is the essence of our health. And not only ours, but it's also remarkable how it influences the environment and society as a whole. I also want to make treats that are plant-based, produced in fair conditions, and make us feel better.

I started S-Foodies in 2018 as an online healthy desserts lab that produced raw cakes pre-order from home. In 2 years of operation, it expanded into making luxurious healthier wedding cakes, delivering treats to local cafes and stores as well as sending snacks and chocolate all over the country.
Certified raw & vegan pastry chef, founder of S-Foodies Healthy Desserts Lab, Sweden.
Public speaker on healthy eating and zero food waste lifestyle.
I still felt like something was missing. I did not want to be a cake factory - I wanted to feel connected to the community, empower other pastry chefs, and spread the knowledge of making amazing raw treats. That is why I opened S-Foodies Academy where I teach everything I know from how ingredients work, to how to open your own successful raw cake business.

There is nothing more rewarding than getting feedback from my students and hearing that now they feel more confident in their pastry and business skills. I have beautiful students from all over the world and I will be thrilled to have you onboard.
They are gluten-free,
refined sugar-free
and plant-based
They are nutritiously dense and give you
real energy
They are environmentally friendly and are
They are beautiful and trendy, but most importantly, they
are delicious
Raw essentially means that the treats were not heated up and never reached temperatures higher than 45 degrees. This way all ingredients retain the best nutritional value.

Raw treats are made of whole food plant-based ingredients that are naturally free from gluten. They are more nutritiously dense and provide real energy that will get you going for a busy day (think sports energy bar only more delicious and… well, a cake)

They contain fewer sugars than traditional treats and are sweetened with unrefined sweeteners such as maple syrup, dates, and coconut sugar.